Is your memory affecting your work?

Find it difficult to retain information?

Improving our memory is one of the most important factors in improving our quality of life.  Memory supplements work to provide your brain with the proper nutrients to ensure your mind is functioning at peak levels.

Has brain fog become a part of your daily life? If so, then its time to start taking your brain health seriously. Doxiderol's blend of ingredients will help reduce brain fog, increase cognitive function and counter memory problems. With the right ingredient mix  your brain can operate with more focus and clarity then you thought possible.

Doxiderol is the Top Memory Supplement :

Improve short term memory

Increase retention of information

Reduce mental stress –  Feel more alert and focused

Doxiderol enhances memory by:

1)    Supporting critical neurotransmitters.
2)    Increasing blood flow to your brain
3)    Reducing cerebral stress
4)    Reduce the breakdown in your brain cells

Vinpocetine supports memory

One of the key ingredients in Doxiderol that boosts memory is Vinpocetine. Vinpocetine is derived from the periwinkle plant and has been used extensively in Europe for supporting memory and brain function. For years Europeans have preferred Vinpocetine to Ginko Biloba, believing that Vinpocetine has better effects in a shorter time frame.  Clinical studies have shown that it is effective in boosting memory, increasing cerebral blood flow and raising mental agility.

Bacopa Boosts Memory

Bacopa is an ingredient used in Doxiderol that has been around for thousands of years.  Bacopa is a plant extract that is been used traditionally in Indian folk medicine because of its memory increasing effects. It has now attracted the attention of the West, where studies have been done to test the claims of Bacopa efficiency in boosting memory. In Australia a double-blind, placebo controlled study was completed where a group of 46 healthy volunteers were given a total of 300mg of Bacopa per day. The study found a significant boost in learning rate and memory with those who took the supplement.

Reducing Stress While Boosting Memory

Think about how much stress effects your daily life. Well guess what? It also considerably effects your memory and mental function. A study done on animals given Bacopa for seven days showed that Bacopa improves memory by reducing the level of brain stress the animals faced.

Antioxidants Protect Your Memory

Antioxidants protect brain cells and can prevent cell death. Acetyl-L-Carnitine increases levels of important brain antioxidant and can help stimulate the growth of synapses in the brain.