Learning memory tricks makes memorizing much easier and makes your memory and mental focus seem better than it really is.

Acronyms – Words

Acronyms are great brain boosting memory tricks. They work by allowing you to “hang” words into letters. Let’s say you had to memorize the five great lakes (Erie, Michigan, Ontario, Huron, and Superior).  A fast way to memorize them is to just write the first letter of each of the lakes E,M,O,H,S and see if you can think of a word that they fit into. For example you can make those letters into the word HOMES.






Now if you were required to write the great lakes out on a test.  All you have to do is write out the Acronym HOMES and the names of the lakes should pop into your head.

Ok, let’s make this a bit harder. Let’s say you had to memorize the 10 Organ systems in the human body.

1)      Integumentary System

2)      Skeletal System

3)      Musclar System

4)      Respiratory System

5)      Digestive System

6)      Nervous System

7)      Endocrine System

8)      Urinary System

9)      Circulatory System

10)   Reproductive System

Some people may spend hours trying to memorize the ten systems, then come to a test and end up forgetting a few. All you have to do is try to create some short Acronyms. Use the same technique we used for the five lakes, just write the first letters on a piece of paper and try to come up with a word or phrase that you could remember.  How about “NICER DRUMS”?

Acronyms are great but what if you just can’t seem to create an acronym out of the words you’re trying to memorize?

Acrostics – Sentences

Acrostics are similar to acronyms but instead of memorizing words you create a sentence. For example if you had to memorize how to read music you could memorize the sentence “Every Good Boy Does Fine”. If you had to remember how to do the order of operations in math (Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division) you could remember the sentence “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally”.

Mental Pictures

Although, Acronyms and Acrostics are great, Mental Pictures are the best way to memorize something. Just remember the five qualities of a good mental picture by remembering the Acronym SPACE.


Play on Words



Easy to see

Stupid- All you have to do is try to picture something weird bizarre and stupid. The weirder something is the easier it is to remember it.

Play on Words- Let’s say you had to memorize the word “When”. Well it would be kind of hard to think of a vivid picture of the word “When”. Now try to picture the word “Hen”. That was a lot easier wasn’t it?

Action- Make your images more of a video than a static picture. The more action the easier it is to memorize.

Clear-  Make your pictures as vivid as possible. The more vivid the better.

Easy-  You must make images easy to see and not clutter them.

Memorizing Names with Mental Picture

You can use the method to easily remember people’s names.  Let’s say you meet a woman named Sandy Campbell at party and you want to remember her name. Think of an image to associate with that woman. Remember the weirder the image the easier it is to remember. Here are some things you can picture.


  • A woman with sand all over her face.
  • A woman with a sand castle on top of her head.


  • Image of Cream of Broccoli soup dripping on Sandy’s face.
  • Cans of soup as her earrings.
Using mental pictures can help you make memorization considerably easier and a lot more fun.

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