Our Misson

Our mission at Mentis Laboratories is to provide all natural supplements to help people achieve their goals. Why create Doxiderol? The answer is simple: we needed it ourselves. After years of development we found a prime combination that would provide hard working achievers with the focus and energy they would need to power through their day.

We look forward to helping you on your journey to a more focused productive life.

High Quality Production To Ensure Safety

Doxiderol is produced in a GMP certified laboratory. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. It is a rigorous set of guidelines designed to ensure that our products are consistent, safe and of the highest quality.

Subsequent to mixing, all batches are quarantined until the product is tested and verified to ensure it meets all specifications set for Doxiderol. During the filling process, a team of trained Quality Control specialists regularly pull samples from the line and test them for proper fill levels.

Although many manufacturers claim their products are made following GMP, not everyone complies with an independent third-party audit. Our manufacturing facilities are audited twice a year by NSF International – “The Public Health and Safety Company”.

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