Whether it is your first semester in college or your last, you should enjoy the journey. You can obtain good grades and still have fun. These 10 tips will help you win this semester.

1. Set and review your goals: It is easy to lose sight of the reason that you are in college. You should establish personal and academic goals that you want to achieve during the semester. Periodically review your goals to maintain your motivation and focus. As you accomplish your goals, remember to reward yourself.

2. Some tasks are not urgent or important: Many students do not accomplish their goals because they attempt to do too much. If you find that you are overwhelmed or want to accomplish more, you should read “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” The book will help you organize your life and become more productive.

3. Use educational apps: There are apps that enable you to organize your classroom notes and create flashcards. You can also make audio recordings of the classroom lectures and record images of handouts and slides. This enables you to focus on the lecture and participate in classroom discussions. Many students share their notes and recordings with their classmates on Facebook.

4. Develop a time management system: You should plan to set aside approximately 2 hours for each hour that you spend in your classes. This will enable you to review your materials and complete assignments. Some students create lists with tasks that are written in the order of importance. You should also combine activities, such as listening to class materials while exercising.

5. Get sufficient sleep: Many college students believe that studying all night is the best way to prepare for tests. Sleep deprivation actually makes it more difficult to focus and recall information. It is better to review your notes and get a full night’s sleep.

6. Adopt a healthy diet: One of the best ways to help your body and mind handle the requirements of your courses is to eat a healthy diet. You may also want to consider dietary supplements that provide the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help keep your mind sharp and focused.

7. Increase your physical activity: You do not have to run like Usain Bolt or swim like Michael Phelps to increase your energy and reduce stress levels. Swimming and weightlifting are great low-impact exercises that will tone your body and help you burn calories long after your exercise session is over. You can take a daily 30-minute walk around campus.

8. Schedule extracurricular activities: Downtime enables you to maintain balance in your life. Some people need a GPS to find their college football stadium. You should set aside time to participate in activities outside class. You can volunteer in the community or on campus.

9. Expand your social network: Many lifelong friendships begin in college. You can meet new people by joining a campus club or playing intramural sports. Many colleges use social media to interact with their students. The forums enable you to communicate with the administration, instructors and athletes.

10. Embrace the change in your surroundings and life: College is a once-in-lifetime experience. Use this unique opportunity to make new friends and explore the area around campus. You will discover a fascinating world and amazing opportunities.

Photo © David Castillo Dominici