Many writers will concur that while they’re getting ready to sit down and write an article, they often completely forget the subject that they had planned to write about. When this happens, of course, you can’t stop laughing at yourself, especially when you finally find your notes and see the title. It’s hard to understand how one could forget such an important thing. In such a scenario, it’s common to assume that it’s either because you have been busy of late or it’s because you’re growing old and thus your brain is full. 

To prevent yourself from forgetting important events in life in the future, it’s imperative to learn how to keep one’s mind active so that you can enhance your memory. Read on for some essential tips that will help you to improve your memory and thus remember all the important things in your life. 

1. Establish a Routine

Successful people understand the significance of establishing and sticking to a routine. For instance, they always put their keys and sunglasses in the same place every day. This is the primary reason they rarely lose them because on the days that they fail to put them in their designated place; they usually go through a lot of troubles trying to find them. This formula can also be applied to valuable information. If, for example, you set up different e-mails and desktop folders for important documents then you will always know where to look for whichever information that you may want without much hassle. 

2. Go Against Habit

Even though following a routine is advisable, going against the grain is equally effective in boosting one’s memory. Breaking a routine that surrounds something can help you remember critical things. For example, if you forget backing up your laptop every night and if you always carry your keys in your right-hand pocket, then you should try doing the opposite of that. This only means that you should start carrying your keys in your left-hand pocket to break the routine. This will give you an odd feeling that will help you to remember that something is amiss. 

3. Eat More Brain Food

Some foods improve one’s memory as they are filled with special antioxidants and vitamins. Green tea, fish, vegetables, and dark chocolate are good for one’s memory when eaten regularly and in the correct quantities. Wine is also good for the mind so take a glass with meals when you can. When you incorporate these foods into your diet, you not only improve your memory but also enhance the overall functioning of your brain. 

4. Get Enough Sleep

Career-oriented people who’re always busy tend to be more forgetful of important events such as their kids’ birthdays or wedding anniversaries. This can mainly be attributed to the lack of sufficient sleep. Your brain needs enough sleep for it to remain sharp and active. This is because the lack of sleep taxes your memory and makes it forget things. To boost your memory, ensure that you get enough sleep each night; the recommended eight hours is the best. 

5. Have a Mental Workout

Engaging in brain challenges sharpens the mind and will make you good at remembering things. This, therefore, means that taking part in mental challenges makes it easier for one to remember simple tasks like people’s names. Some mental workouts that you can try include learning complicated concepts, learning new languages, and playing mental games like chess.

6. Create Stories in Your Mind

It’s easier for one to remember stories or any information that is within a context than it is to remember just names and numbers. Try to associate any new information introduced to you with your surroundings or any other thing that can help you remember it. Such stories will also make you more inspired, which can come in handy particularly if you’re working in the arts industry. 

7. Write Things Down

Writing things down on a piece of paper is a good way to remember things. Make it a habit of scribbling things down for good remembrance. Sticky notes will help you to remember urgent things more quickly since you can just place them within sight. Studies reveal that writing things by hand is a better way of enhancing one’s memory than typing it on a computer or a Smartphone. 

8. Get Creative

Poems, songs, and creative mnemonics are powerful tools that you can use to lock important information in your memory. For instance, you can use the popular ‘30 days has September’ poem to know the number of days in each month. You can also think outside the box by creating your songs, poems, and texts that apply to particular life situations that you don’t want to forget. 

9. Pay Attention

Concentrating on something for some time helps in fixing it in your brain. It has been proven that paying attention to something for eight seconds fixes it in one’s memory forever. So, the next time you learn something new, and you don’t want to forget it, pay more attention to implementing this age old trick. 

10. Exercise Regularly

Exercises make the brain work better and harder. This is because exercises get the blood pumping, and they improve circulation to the brain. Try to come up with new ideas when jogging and you’ll be surprised that you’ll be able to remember all of them with less effort. It’s impressive and appropriate for those advanced in age. 

It’s imperative to note that any individual, regardless of age, can forget some of the important things in their life. This is particularly true since the average person tends to learn new things each day from different and numerous sources. Also, professionals have a lot to think about each week in their respective career fields. It’s hard for you to retain all the important stuff in your life in your mind when much is going on, but it’s now possible with these simple tips.

You might also want to consider taking a memory supplement to help provide your brain with proper nutrition.