All Natural Ingredients

  • Increase Focus
  • Enhance Memory
  • Boost Energy

The Ultimate Peak Performance Brain Supplement

A healthy nourished brain is the key to reaching your peak potential. Brain supplements help ensure that your mind is functioning at optimal levels by provide the key vitamins and nutrients essential to brain health.Stress and pressure to achieve are a part of everyday life. With the right ingredients your brain can operate with more focus and clarity then you thought possible.

Doxiderol is the Ultimate Brain Supplement :

  • Feel focused throughout the day
  • Become more productive
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Improve retention of new information

Doxiderol supports a more productive mind by:

1)    Increasing neurotransmitter levels
2)    Improving blood circulation in the brain
3)    Guarding your brain from stress
4)    Aiding your body in energy production
5)    Reduce the deterioration in your brain cells

Increasing neurotransmitter levels
Neurotransmitters are needed for all brain function. A depletion in neurotransmitters can result in brain fog and mental fatigue. The ingredients in Doxiderol increase levels in key neurotransmitters associated with memory such as Acetylcholine. Ingredients in Doxiderol increase Acetylcholine levels thus improving mental function:

Huperzine A – Huperzine A has been used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine. By inhibiting acetylcholinersterase (the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine), Huperzine A increases acetylcholine levels.  Studies have shown that patients using Huperzine A had improvements in memory and cognition.

Improving blood circulation in the brain
The blood carries the essential nutrients needed for proper brain function. Improving the blood flow in the brain results in an increase in brain cell energy.

Vinpocetine – A derivative of the periwinkle plan, Vinpocetine improves circulation in the brain, and thus increases memory and brain metabolism. Vinpocetine has been available since the 1970’s and has consistently been used in Europe for the prevention and treatment of a number of diseases. Numerous studies have been done on Vinpocetine that show it is effectiveness as a memory booster.

Guarding against brain stress
Reducing stress can boost mental performance.

Bacopa – This herb has been used for centuries in Indian medical practice. It has been found to increase brain function and boost “retention of new information”. It does this by reducing levels of stress in areas of the brain critical for learning and memory.

  • Jared K

    I had just started a new position in Sales and it was definitely an exciting time but I had a lot of pressure to get results. When I was in college, a lot of people I knew were taking Adderall when they had stress to get things done but I didn’t want to take pills I wasn’t prescribed. When I first heard about Doxiderol I was a bit skeptical but after a few days the results were insane. It gives you energy. I was getting an intense focus during the day and I felt like I was able to think better. It just felt like my mind was getting a turbo boost. I was getting more sales at work and getting compliments from my Boss for having a great work ethic. This stuff really works, you have to try it to believe it.

  • Olivia P.

    I am a undergraduate college student hoping to pursue a career in dentistry. I know that now, more than ever, the competition is really high. The only way for me to stand a chance of making it into dental school is for me to really put a lot of dedication into my school work and get the highest possible grades I could get. That was how I began my search for a study nootropic, and I found Doxiderol. I'm really happy to say that Doxiderol gave me excellent results. I no longer feel like I procrastinate on doing my work, I really have a ton of energy all day long that helps me concentrate, and I feel so well rested every morning. I take Doxiderol every day as a supplement and I got my entire family hooked on it as well. I highly recommend this product to anyone!

  • Katie K.

    I work full time and go to school at nights to complete my master's degree. By the time I'm sitting in class after a long day at work ... I'm just exhausted. There's no way I can pay attention in class. I heard about this focus pill called Doxiderol and I figured I'd give it a try. Doxiderol just fuels my brain. I take it 30 minutes before class and my mind feels clear. I sit in class alert and ready to absorb information. I think this is a great supplement for anyone trying to keep their mind sharp and focused

  • Gary P.

    As a small business owner I sometimes feel overwhelmed. There aren't enough hours in the day for me to accomplish all of my objectives. By mid-day I would feel like my energy levels are down and I'm just not getting much accomplished. I wasn't someone who traditionally took supplements but I decided to give Doxiderol a try. And it was a supplement I wish I had much sooner. With Doxiderol, I feel more productive and have more energy to manage my business. Doxiderol just helps you get into the Zone. Your focused and ready to conquer the day.