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Acetylcholine is an important biochemical messenger that enables your body to transmit messages across the space between the nerve cells in your brain. These cells, also known as neurons, use a complex process to manufacture acetylcholine to perform various metabolic processes.

The chemical interacts with a wide range of nerve cells in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Research demonstrates that acetylcholine receptors are located on organs throughout your body as well. These receptors enable the organs to receive messages and perform specific actions.Acetylcholine regulates the contraction of skeletal muscles, which enable you to perform voluntary movements. It also influences the contraction of smooth muscles and cardiac muscles. Smooth muscles line the walls of organs that you cannot consciously control, such as the intestines and stomach. Cardiac muscles are the muscles that enable the heart to pump.


Doxiderol naturally boosts Acetylcholine levels

Doxiderol is a natural supplement with several immediate and long-term brain health benefits. It is a holistic way to increase acetylcholine levels. Maintaining proper acetylcholine levels provides benefits throughout your body. In the digestive system, the neurotransmitter helps you process your food by releasing saliva and enhancing the contractions in the digestive tract. The neurotransmitter protects your eyes by stimulating the gland that produces tears. Acetylcholine serves as your heart’s natural pacemaker.

The ingredients in Doxiderol promote cognitive function and reduce stress. They also protect the brain and increase cerebral blood flow. The ingredients include citicoline, vitamin B5, acetyl-L-carnitine, bacopa and L-theanine.

Citicoline provides choline, which your body uses to manufacture acetylcholine. Research indicates that the substance improves focus and mental stamina. Citicoline also improves mood, decision-making and learning. It also reduces memory problems due to environmental issues.

Vitamin B5 is essential for choline production. It helps the body transform the substance into components, which the nerve cells can convert into acetylcholine. The vitamin also reduces fatigue.

Acetyl-L-carnitine is a potent antioxidant that prevents cell damage throughout your body by increasing your glutathione levels. Studies demonstrate that acetyl-L-carnitine regenerates nerves and promote normal nervous system function. The amino acid also improves mood and memory.

Bacopa is an herb used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. Practitioners use bacopa to improve mental clarity, memory and other cognitive functions. The herb has a neuroprotective effect on the memory centers in the brain. Clinical studies demonstrate that bacopa improve memory and learning. This ingredient also alleviates stress, a major factor in acetylcholine depletion.

L-theanine is a key component in green tea. The amino acid is an antioxidant that also promotes a healthy mood and a sense of calm by increasing serotonin, another biochemical messenger.

Although your body can produce acetylcholine, many factors can interfere with its ability to produce enough to meet your metabolic requirements. These include chronic stress, insufficient sleep, elevated blood sugar, a poor diet and the aging process. Other issues include exposure to heavy metals and environmental toxins.